Thursday, January 12, 2012

Class Conflict Awareness Rose Significantly From 2009 To 2011: Report

While it may appear that cultural class difference­s are more predominan­t, in my opinion the major difference­s which will pervade this country will be the economic ones that transcend skin color.

We will have a few elite rich and the rest of us will be the labor pool. When you look at the landscape of the country, all-the-sa­me malls and strip centers across the land, you quickly realize that there is no need to leave your turf as it looks just the same as the next, which is good because you cannot afford to leave it anyway. The uniformity of the "experienc­e" is quite well rooted.

Anyone wanting a glimpse at the future need only watch any science fiction movie out there. They all resonate with the urban grit of the mass of humanity oppressed by corporate domination while a puppet government tries to convince you that all is still within the American Dream. Blue pill or red pill - you can choose but they are both the same.
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