Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was reading the back of the dog food bag, all fine print save for a few bold headlines promising the best of canine nutrition and backed by all kinds of scientific data, when I realized that dog food or people food, we are all subject to the same commercial brainwashing.

Our food promises health, low fat, low sugar, low salt, while really offering low value filled with artifical nutrition. How sad is it that we have to fortify everything? Milk fortified with Vitamin D. Sounds good but for the fact that the quantity of Vitamin D is negligible, not unlike the false promises of low fat and low sugar, usually resulting in the "other" being added; low fat means it is high in sugar while low sugar means it is high in fat. You cannot win.

So when will our government start sending us home with large bags of Soylent Green-like pellets that will satisfy our basic needs ensuring that no American goes hungry? How long before the information that is disclosed on labels proves to be so much a fairy tale, unregulated by an overburdened and under funded FDA that is more a pawn for the pharmaceutical company than it is a true regulatory body? After all, how many drugs, after a trial of a few hundred people, are sold to the millions as beneficial only to be yanked after a few hundred deaths occur? Too frequently, I am afraid to say. The general public have become the guinea-pigs for the drug industry. Well, I guess we all wanted them to stop using animals!

I watched the latest Apes movie - Rise of the Planet of the Apes and frankly I was rooting for the apes. We have empowered ourselves with the God cloak that we frequently entertain delusions of grandeur wrapped up in science, with too few safeguards and a willingness to deal with consequences after the fact. And this is where the notion of food pellets returns.

We always hear how lucky we are to live in America, and to a large degree that is true. America has always been the light of promise, even though these days, like the Internet, it offers the best and the worst all wrapped up in the same box. We have the weirdest of the weird, the most depraved of the depraved, yet fight an idealistic fight, such as the drug war where we struggle to catch violent multi-nationals (including Americans), only to see them continue to operate from within the jails, and, after getting a "fair shake" in the American judicial system, released, deported, or more simply, back in business despite the body count of innocents left behind to pick up the pieces.

With the vast number of people inhabiting this planet it is foolish to think that the liberties we had, and long for; the personal freedoms and the unbridled dreams of a sound financial future for our children, can continue without an ever increasing cost.

Just the other day President Obama signed a controversial piece of legislation which, while intended for aiding in the capture of terrorists, allows for American citizens to be arrested and detained for an unlimited period of time without charge. Visit http://alturl.com/jznpr for more on that.

Like the dog food, it is all DESIGNED to be good for us. Eaten properly, it will supply an adequate amount of nutrition to sustain our bodies while the vast media conglomerate develops new brain numbing shows like "The Kardashians" to keep us entertained and away from literate investigations into what is really happening.

Like the fish in the pan of water slowly heated, we swim around, noting the odd weather patterns, noting the headline news of global tensions that could, at any minute, snap into a nuclear exchange between two nations wishing to obliterate each other, and there are many such nations, many loose nukes, and our foreign policy has shown that diplomacy now means turning a blind eye, advice we would never give a parent on raising their children. Then again, we are seeing legislation about how we are to raise our children as well.

George Orwell was so off the mark.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."

And that was not written on the bag of dog food. Eat well, my friends.


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