Wednesday, December 7, 2011


dreamstime_xs_13262753 Recently I have noticed a rash of people holding phone conversations while using a public toilet. I do not know if these people are just too lazy to wait or just ignorant of the fact that a cell phone amplifies all their bodily noises, as well as the sound of flushing toilets and hand dryers; yet business people seem to enjoy having long conversations while otherwise occupied including, but not limited to talking during body gaseous discharges of their own making.

I have been tempted to yell out “Would you mind shutting up as I’m trying to take a ****,” just to add to the ambience for the recipient of the phone call, but unfortunately I cannot bring myself to do so. It’s a bathroom, let alone a public bathroom, a questionable place at the best of times. I would never think of calling my wife up… “Hi Honey – yeah, I’m on the pot at Target. How you doing?” 

And yet a 2010 Harris Interactive poll showed that 40% of Americans admitted to using the phone while in the bathroom with a 19% loss rate as the phone is dropped into the toilet. You can read that HERE.

As if that was not bad enough, another study found 1 out of 6 cell phones was contaminated with fecal matter.  Read that HERE.  The cause – people not washing their hands after using the bathroom. Well how could they – they have their hands full!

In case you are feeling glad that you are not one of the above included individuals, do not relax yet.  The same article points out.,.. “Stop and think about every place scientists have ever turned up fecal bacteria — grocery store carts , swimming pools , fast-food restaurant soda fountains and kids' play areas , ATM keypads , your purse , your washing machine , prewashed salad greens , food court trays , and pretty much everything in a hotel room — and it makes it hard to lay your hands on anything again.”

Now go have a great day!