Thursday, October 20, 2011

Susan Sarandon Calls Pope Benedict XVI A Nazi, 'Newsday' Report States

To me, the real point about Susan Sarandon calling the Pope a Nazi is FREEDOM OF SPEECH regardless of the content of that speech. It is a BASIC AMERICAN RIGHT protected by the CONSTITUTI­ON. Whether you agree with her or disagree with her or consider her just a celeb with a big mouth, as much as people who comment on this blog are free to express their opinion on any issue - so too should she be free to do so.

The reality, however, is that we have become one big PC nation under God that when anyone says anything remotely offensive, despite their right to do so, groups get up in arms, in this case the Catholics, the Jews, etc.. It is AMAZING that anyone can say ANYTHING at all given this state of PC enforcemen­t. And when you watch our government in action, pulled by political group agendas on all sides, even within the same party, as demonstrat­ed by the recent GOP Debates, you understand why progress does not get made in America (and why the word progress is opposite to the word Congress.)
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