Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The whole concept is absurd. Sexual orientation has no place in any venue. Perhaps my doctor should not do surgery on me because he is gay. Or perhaps, if I am gay, I should demand a gay only surgeon. The merits of history, aside from being a tale told by the victors and not the losers, is that sexual orientation played no part in the outcome. In other words, no one f*****d their way to victory, straight or gay.

"Contributions" is such a lame word. It is a contribution at a sperm bank and a contribution at a blood bank, but sexual orientation did not contribute to any battle plan, any war, any great escape, just as it should play no part in the military today, should be no label worn in pride or concern, no closets and no friggin parades. I will never ask my neighbor with whom they have sex and expect that I will never be judged on the color or my underwear.

The fact that this is even a topic is about as Californication as this country gets. For a state that is broker than broke, cannot pay teachers decent wages, cannot fix education, restore stolen redevelopment funds to cities, cannot provide affordable health care and cannot stop the flood of illegals, won't enforce English as a primary language in an English-based country, they sure have time to investigate stuff like this. Say what you will about the sexual orientation issue; it is bullshit pure and simple.

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